Wednesday, April 20, 2005

... and on day 2, the crows came

Here is a post from my personal blog -- I thought I would share it here, as well, since I haven't been around for a long time.
So we have a new pope. While I am not a member of the Roman Catholic Church, I still find the whole thing sort of exciting.

It intrigues me how much secrecy goes into electing a new pope. It's definitely much better than the volleyball of slander and insult that is flung around in a presidential election but still seems odd. Then again, if the process were public, undue influence might be put on the cardinals performing the election. On that note, it is certainly better to keep it behind closed doors and away from public scrutiny.

It still cracks me up how much the liberal media is freaking out about this. Yes, the cardinals elected yet another right-wing conservative pope. Yes, he will still oppose abortion and homosexual marriage. No, he won't bend to the will of the fanatical left like some of the other candidates might.

Leftist commentators have said, "The church just refuses to modernize." 'Modernize'?!?! What they mean is, "The church refuses to deny thousands of years of church doctrine because it makes us uncomfortable." Completely ridiculous. The church, whether Catholic or Christian, is going to be a right-winged entity. They are not going to change Biblical doctrine just because a bunch of leftist fanatics are uncomfortable with it. The Bible says what it says... that's it... to deny it would not only be heresy, but it would be completely self-defeating. Then again, that's just what the liberals want -- the fall of Christianity. Many will deny it, but that's what it comes down to.

To end on a happier note, it's my wife's birthday today. A nice surprise sushi dinner is in order, I believe. :) Happy Wednesday, people... I'm outta here.


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Good post.

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